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فرصة التقسيط لمدة 12 شهرًا لبطاقتك الائتمانية

Ranzalı Oda
عدد الغرف


Image by Sean Oulashin
المسافة إلى البحر

13 كم

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المسافة إلى المدينة

13 كم

Image by VOO QQQ
مسافة HA

74.7 كم

معلومات الفندق

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Fiyat Hesapla

ميزات الفندق

Otel Özelliklei
الملامح العامة
  • مطعم (مدفوع)

  •  WiFi

  •  La Laundry (مدفوع)

  •  Otopark

  •  Conference Hall (مدفوعة)

  •   تنظيف جاف (مدفوع)

  •  Safety Safe

  •  Room Service (مدفوعة)

  •   خدمة تنظيف الغرف

  •  No مسموح باصطحاب الحيوانات الأليفة

  •  Alkolless Hotel

نشاط / رياضة
  •  Gym

  •   ساونا

  •   حمام عائلي خاص

  •   جاكوزي

  •  Fitness

  •  Massage (مدفوع)

تجمع / شاطئ
  •    دش

منتجع صحي

أسئلة مكررة

  • Is There Thermal Spa Water In The Rooms?
    All rooms have balconies, bathtubs and hot spring water
  • Is there a Private Family Bathroom?
    We have private family bathrooms that you can rent for an extra fee.
  • Outdoor pool hot spring water?
    There is a thermal spa water pool on the top floor of our facility and it serves as a mixed one.
  • Is there a Women's Section?
    Our facility's -3. There is a mixed spa area for women on the first floor. In both sections, there is a Turkish bath, thermal swimming pool, shock shower and Sauna
  • Is there a Children's Playroom?
    There is a game room where your children can spend time in company with the teacher. Your use of the arcade is free.
  • Does the hotel have 5 o'clock tea?
    There is no 5 tea in our facility, but we do have tea at meal times.
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Natalya Natalya


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A beautiful hotel, nice common areas and rooms. Very clean!!! It could be a perfect stay, but the very loud music until past 11pm completely ruined my 1 night. It was a St. Valentine's Day, obviously, I don't care, I just wanted to have a …

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