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May Thermal Resort & SPA

Afyonkarahisar, Sandikli

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Distance to City

68.7 km

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69.4 km

Hotel Information

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• Our Breakfast and Dinner are served as Open Buffet.

• We will be offered 1.5 lt of water daily to your rooms. Tea set-ups are available in the rooms.

• You can get Tea, Nescafe and Water as Self Service in public areas free of charge at the times stated above.

• You can get free and unlimited glass of soft drinks or fizzy drinks from our Beverage Stand at Dinner.

In our Bay thermal department, we have 2 thermal pools,  We have a 1.40cm deep thermal pool between 37-39 degrees Celsius and a small thermal pool 1.20cm deep between 41-43 degrees Celsius.

We have 2 thermal pools in our women's thermal department, a thermal pool with a temperature of 37-39 and a depth of 1.40 cm.  Small, 1.20 cm deep, between 41-43 degrees  We have a thermal pool.

In our mixed thermal department, we have a 1.40cm deep thermal pool between 38-39 degrees Celsius.

Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool: It is mixed for men and women and has a temperature of 26-28 and a depth of 1.40 cm.  is our heated pool without thermal water.

Aquapark: It is mixed for men and women, has a temperature of 24-26, is 1.20 cm deep, and has 2 slides. It serves in the summer season.

Children's Pool: We have 4 children's pools with an average temperature of 26-29 degrees and a depth of 40 cm.

Mud Bath: The most important feature that distinguishes Afyon/Sandıklı thermal springs from other thermal springs is the mud baths, which are famous all over the world. Afyon-Sandıklı mud, which contains organic substances, has high radioactivity. These miraculous mud baths consist of a mixture of healing water, which boils in different parts of a geological crack that continues for 500 meters and reaches a temperature of 68 degrees, and specially prepared soil.

Hotel Features

Otel Özelliklei
General features
  •   Restaurant

  •   Wireless Internet

  •   Laundry (Paid)

  •   Car park

  •   Conference Hall (Paid)

  •   Dry Cleaning (Paid)

  •   Lift

  •   Safety Deposit Box

  •   Room Service (Paid)

  •   Room Cleaning Service

  •   No Pets Allowed

  • SPA

  •   Bowling (Paid)

  •   Football field

  •   Game room

  •   Library

  •   Sauna

  •   Private Family Bathroom

  •   Children's Arcade

  •   Jacuzzi

  •   Ice Fountain

  •   Massage (Paid)

  •   Bath

  •   Umbrella

  •   Locker Cabin

  •   Sunbed

  •   Cushion

  •   Indoor pool

  •   Kiddie pool

  •   Open pool

  •   Shower

  •   Aqua Park

  •   Women's Section

  •   Men's Section

  •   Mixed Section

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There Thermal Spa Water In The Rooms?
    All rooms have balconies, bathtubs and hot spring water
  • Is there a Private Family Bathroom?
    We have private family bathrooms that you can rent for an extra fee.
  • Outdoor pool hot spring water?
    There is a thermal spa water pool on the top floor of our facility and it serves as a mixed one.
  • Is there a Women's Section?
    Our facility's -3. There is a mixed spa area for women on the first floor. In both sections, there is a Turkish bath, thermal swimming pool, shock shower and Sauna
  • Is there a Children's Playroom?
    There is a game room where your children can spend time in company with the teacher. Your use of the arcade is free.
  • Does the hotel have 5 o'clock tea?
    There is no 5 tea in our facility, but we do have tea at meal times.
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